Scaffold tarpaulins

The fundamental difference with the scaffold nets is that scaffold tarpaulins are made of a fully dense PE material.

Protective tarpaulins for all weather conditions

Compared with scaffold nets, scaffold tarpaulins offer a number of additional strengths:

  • Constructions protected with a scaffold tarpaulin are fully resistant to wind and water penetration
  • During cold and even frosty periods, the temperature behind the scaffold tarpaulin can be kept above 0°C
  • The tarpaulin has been given a special treatment for even better UV-resistance
  • Thanks to these special features, scaffold tarps that are impervious to wind and water are frequently used during insulation, plastering and painting works, asbestos removal and in industrial applications. Good to know is that, as with fine-woven scaffold nets, scaffold tarpaulins are reusable which makes them a long-lasting protective material.

Types of scaffold tarpaulins

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