Verisafe standard shrink-wrapped film

The weather is often a key factor in the timely delivery of projects. So we look at ways to be able to continue works in all weather conditions – rain, wind, frost. Javer’s answer: shrink-wrapped film with which scaffolding, bridges, boats, silos and other structures can be fully covered and with which food processing areas can be hermetically sealed.

It is also a common technique used in the nuclear and petrochemical sectors, where all activities are subject to the strictest security measures.

Our standard shrink-wrapped film is available in white and transparent (not flame-resistant) versions. The white version is often prescribed in urban environments, where the film not only offers aesthetic benefits, but also protects the residents from all harmful substances.

Wide variety of applications

  • Scaffolding construction
  • Screening off fences, modular structures and tents at events
  • Ship construction and offshore applications
  • Encapsulation during asbestos removal
  • Protection of the surroundings
  • Creating the best construction conditions during renovation works
  • Temporary roofs in the event of storm and fire damage
  • Packaging material for transporting large volumes
  • Creating umbrella systems on scaffolding during roof renovations

Types of shrink-wrapped film

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