Distributor of Verisafe shrink foil

Verisafe® shrink-wrapped foil is manufactured by Solicom. Based on over 15 years of experience in manufacturing standard and flame-retardant shrink-wrapped film, Solicom’s products belong to the very best on the market. Both the transparent and white versions meet the strictest standards and are certified worldwide as being flame-retardant. The thicknesses range from 190 to 500 My.

Verisafe shrink-wrapped film: exceptional features

Bidirectional shrinkage 60/45

Bidirectional shrinkage is determined during the production through the choice of extruder and the blow ratio. This is how the shrinkage characteristics and the mechanical properties of a film are established. The blow ratio for Verisafe® shrink-wrapped film is over 3.7. This is unique on the market. It gives the film an equal horizontal (45%) and vertical (60%) shrinkage force (= biaxial). This gives the film perfect clamping under heat. Moreover, the shrinkage force is long-lasting and the film is outstandingly resistant against gusts of wind (guaranteed for up to 10 on the Beaufort Scale).

Applications of flame-resistant shrink foil

  • Scaffolding construction
  • Screening off fences, modular structures and tents at events
  • Ship construction and offshore applications
  • Encapsulation during asbestos removal
  • Protection of the surroundings
  • Creating the best construction conditions during renovation works
  • Temporary roofs in the event of storm and fire damage
  • Packaging material for transporting large volumes
  • Creating umbrella systems on scaffolding during roof renovations

Types of Verisafe shrink-wrapped film

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