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Tarpaulins & nets

Scaffolding nets, scaffolding tarpaulins, fence nets and tarpaulin covers are used during maintenance, renovation and restoration works and also while painting, covering and working on buildings, bridges and all kinds of constructions, objects and fencing. They prevent debris, dust and harmful substances from falling down.

Shrink-wrapped film

Shrink-wrapped film is the solution for all limitations due to harsh weather and wind conditions. By wrapping a building, boat, bridge or other construction, the renovation, painting works, asbestos removal or construction works may be continued in the most extreme weather conditions. Our shrink-wrapped film is white or transparent.

Printed banners

Printed banners with a marketing message or trompe-l’oeil perspective effect ensure the aesthetic shielding of scaffolding, fencing and events. They light a glimpse of the future appearance of a facade, building or project and give companies or brands extra visibility on buildings or at events.

JAVER is a wholesale business. We only work business to business.